Thursday, September 3, 2009

Google : Veronica Torres

So we've all done this... googled our own names!
Let's see what comes up for me!
..... 2,000,000 results in 33 seconds.....
oooh the many faces of Veronica Torres' of the world....

ok fine... that last one wasn't actually a find on goggle, but the other all were....
Not only is every Veronica Torres beautiful... eh hmmmm..... but apparently I am also a/an:
-very popular singer apparently (she stole wtf man!!!!
-have been a Project Coordinator on such films as: Drag me to Hell, The Hills Have Eyes, Hostel, Sin City, Amittyville Horror and The Unborn and have won Special Effects Employee of the Month!
-a photographer/graphic designer
-am running for Districk Clerk of Fort Bent County
-am a 25 yr old model in San Diego
-a doctor
-an insurance agent
-a real estate agent
-own my own Flamenco dancing school in San Fransisco
-a game developer
... and that's only in the first 4 pages out of 77!
Annnnd here I am... Veronica Torres, 26 yrs old, Toronto, ON... work for a law firm as a Communications Clerk... jack-of-all-trades... suppose to be a Florist (but that's not working out so great...) have a great family, boyfriend, friends... and enter shameless plug... my very own website, thanks to my great bf and biggest fan..... :)
for all your gift giving needs...........
Blog 1 complete! Over and out!

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