Friday, September 11, 2009

Google : lottery winner

Look at all those happy, smiling faces....
... doesn't it make you wanna punch them in the teeth?
...... :)
......... (I don't feel bad for saying that... they can afford new ones!!)

Why aren't one of these women my mom?
What's with all these redneck hicks winning?
Awwh, now grandma can buy her own casket! Independent woman!
This is the creepy old man at the mall who hits on the teenage girls... he's excited cuz now her can buy them their Cosmos and Starbux! Maybe one of them will like him!
Hey Grandma... throw some of that at me! I'll dance for you.....
Poor girl worked at a fast food joint... she deserved it!!
He's so sincere.... sincerely jealous!
Wins the lottery and still buys the cheap stuff! Once a cheapy, always a cheapy!
The only way this guy would ever get kissed by two chicks ay once!
Where'd her foot go?
Ha! The won so much money, that they decided to not spend any, live naked and save for retirement!

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