Friday, September 25, 2009

Google : Oktoberfest

I'm not a huge fan of beer, I'll admit, but after googling these pics, I kinda wouldn't mind going to Oktoberfest just for shits and giggles!

he lucked out with 2 drunks chicks... wonder what's in store after dancing....
don't they look like the happiest couple ever!? 'take the damn picture, you tourist sob!"
I dunno if she should be eating that, with a waistline like that!
I used to play this instrument in elementary school... hey! that kinda looks like my creepy teacher!
holy crap! that's a whole shitload of kinders!
"KEVIN!!!!........ KEVVIINNN....." shit, how would I find him in this crowd?!
Probably under a table passed out....
this chick is tougher than Arnold! she'll drink you under the table and knock you out with those pipes!
anyone actually looking at the size of those beers in this pic?
Cheers... or as the German's say... "Mach's gut!"

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