Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google : shruken heads

Shrunken heads are a tad creepy... ok, all out creepy I know! But I was curious about them and how and if they were real. Upon googling them, I discovered that in the Amazons, many tribes shrink heads as a traditional practice! Warriors would catch the enemy and decapitate them right away! The way it is done is by removing all the skull, bones and cartilage. The eyes and mouth are sewn shut and the head is boiled in a hot pan for 2 hrs! When removed from the pan, the skin is dark and rubbery and the head has shrunken down to one third of it's size! They then use stones and sand to sculpt the facial features! The whole process takes about 1 week! After the warrior returns to his village, he wears the head around his neck to display his manliness!! It's amazing what you can learn on the internet! Enjoy the creepy pics below! All real, from universities and museums around the world!

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