Monday, October 5, 2009

Google : body builders

So I started my google as I usually do... looking for about 10 photos of my search that I find fasinating or fun! But with this particular search, I couldn't seem to stop adding pics! These people are nuts!! I can't even imagine getting my arms around any of them to hug them... and I'm wondering in how many years these people have not seen their privates!!

Take a peak! see what I mean.....

why are they all so red?
he started it all!
my my... that's some pretty lingerie you have on....
...and she's the looker of the bunch!
I didn't know asian came in this form! Compensating for something gentlemen?
Wesley Snipes?
O-M-G! that guy on the end.....
it's like a thong in a fat girl's butt!
*gags* hhhmmm.... attractive!
double eek! how does he turn his head?
he doesn't need a soft mattress... he's got plenty of his own cushioning!
man! come on now... you're not fooling anyone!!!
again.... man/woman? anyone?
hahaha! lots of exercise does this to you kids!
she's someone you take home to mom!!
finally... a guy with bigger thighs then me!

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